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Abnormal Pap Smear Management

We recommend all women who are sexually active or 18 years or older get yearly pap smears. These allow us to look for the presence of abnormal cells on the cervix and, if necessary, pursue further diagnostics.

For patients with abnormal pap smear results, we offer a couple of additional diagnostic tests. A colposcopy uses a microscope to look at the cervix and examine cells. This procedure takes no more than ten minutes and feels a lot like a pap smear.

If dysplasia is shown to be present we offer a procedure known as LEEP. LEEP stands for loop electrosurgical excision procedure. During this procedure we use a small, electrified loop to skim the abnormal cells off of the cervix. After the cells have been removed we offer a solution to
stop bleeding. This procedure is quick, affordable, and allows us to collect cell samples for further analysis.

Dr. Longoria is skilled at this procedure, as well as using colposcopy for diagnostic means. Contact us to learn more about these procedures and if they might be an option for recent abnormal pap smear results.

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