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In office Antenatal Fetal Surveillance

There are a couple types of antenatal fetal surveillance tests we do to make sure your baby is as healthy as possible. These tests are non-invasive and allow us to monitor the health of your child while he or she is growing in your womb.

An NST – nonstress test – is usually performed after 28 weeks of pregnancy and is called a nonstress test because it does not cause stress to the baby. During this test, you’re hooked up to monitors for about 20 minutes and your baby’s movement and heart rate are tracked.

We use this test if you’re overdue, you’ve noticed your baby is not moving as much as they normally do, or the doctor believes there’s either an issue with the placenta or some other risk.
The BPP – biophysical profile – is used on women who are overdue or deemed high risk for one reason or another. This test uses the NST to track your baby’s heart rate and accelerations, as an ultrasound to determine how much amniotic fluid is present in the womb.

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