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Infant circumcision

When a baby boy is born, a small piece of skin covers the head of their penis. This skin, called the foreskin, can make keeping this area difficult to clean. This is why many parents opt to circumcise their son after birth.

This procedure is performed within a couple days of birth as long as the baby is healthy.

During the procedure we’ll have one of the parents offer the child a finger dipped in sugar water. This acts more powerful than an anesthetic and wears off quickly after the procedure. A clamp is then applied to the foreskin and Dr. Longoria removes it with an incision.

This all takes less than 15 minutes and, at the end, an ointment and gauze are placed over the penis to protect it from infection. Once you leave the hospital you just need to make sure the penis is kept clean and away from any fecal matter in the diaper. This is easily done if you change your baby’s diaper as soon as they defecate.

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