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Management of diabetes and hypertension in pregnancy

Disorders like diabetes and hypertension can have negative effects on both mother and baby during pregnancy. Because many of these conditions can be aggravated by pregnancy, it’s important that a woman is under special medical care as early on in her pregnancy as possible.

In fact, for women planning to become pregnant, we recommend preconception counseling so that you can get ahead of any conditions that could impact the outcome and health of your pregnancy.

Diabetes and hypertension are two of the most common problems we help manage in pregnant women. If left untreated or poorly managed, women with diabetes could end up with an abnormally large baby and even miscarriage can occur early on in pregnancy.

Hypertension can impact a baby’s growth as well, usually resulting in a smaller baby, and putting mom and baby at a higher risk for preeclampsia, a condition that can only be cured by delivering the placenta.

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